Monday, July 6, 2015

bump watch: week 8

Hallelujah, the fog has lifted...kind of. After spending most of last week napping, I'm feeling more and more like myself this week. And thank goodness because it's been a busy, busy week at home and work. We had custom built-ins for my office/closet landing installed this week. They showed up the same day as my yard clean-up crew and they all kind of worked on top of each other for a few days. There was definitely one day where my entire driveway was filled with yard debris and cabinets. It's been a bit of a zoo, but luckily I'm on my feet and able to direct traffic. And thank goodness I didn't need as many naps this week because it would have been hard to sleep with the constant noise.

Jon is finally home...for now. I'm so happy to have him back, and to have someone available to fetch things for me. He's been a trooper. He even made me dinner one night - grilled fish and corn. I'm surprised it sounded good to me, but as long as I didn't have to smell it while it was cooking, it turns out it was quite enjoyable to eat. It's probably the healthiest and most substantial meal I've had in a few weeks.

On Tuesday, we went to a Meet the Midwives session at the hospital. I did quite a bit of research before deciding on a practice so I already knew a lot of the information before the presentation, but it was still helpful and informative. Jon was able to go with me, and I think it was good for him to hear everything about their practice and birth philosophy since he hadn't done any research. I have my first official appointment with them next week, but so far, I'm already very happy with my choice.

I've also already begun researching doulas. Having a doula is highly recommended by the midwives - especially for first-time moms. And I'm certainly not going to argue with the idea of having the equivalent of a birth Sherpa with me during labor and delivery. Since the December/holiday timing complicates matter, I wanted to get an early start on the process.

On Friday, we had our 8-week ultrasound with Shady Grove. Skipper has arms, legs and a growing brain now. It's amazing that the little dot from two weeks ago has already became a recognizable person. The heartbeat was 178, and everything looked perfect. I've officially been released as a patient. They sent me on my way with some anti-nausea meds. I can't think of a better parting gift. There were hugs and lots of promises that I would send photos after Skippy is born.

My latest weapon in the fight against the nausea is water with lemon slices. Sometimes I can eat whatever I want. Sometimes, water and lemon is all I can stomach. I think I'm turning the corner, but I'm also holding my breath because I know it's really day to day. I can go from feeling great to feeling terrible pretty quickly. I just keep telling myself that this is completely normal and it all means Skipper is healthy and growing.  

Highlights of the week: yard work finished, new office installed, Meet the Midwives session at the hospital, and my final ultrasound at Shady Grove fertility. 

Food cravings: water with lemon, watermelon, popcorn. 


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