Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bump watch: Week 17

Whew. We are finally all caught up and back to real time. Weeks 14-17 were really more of the same. I'm feeling great, enjoying having energy again, and most of all, taking full advantage of my rediscovered appetite.

Skippy's cousin was born June 18th so these last few weeks have been all about Abby. I got to spend some time in Oklahoma for a crash course in newborn care. I passed with flying colors, but Abby is such a good baby that I'm not sure I got that much practice. Something tells me Skippy won't be quite as chill as his older cousin. I'll write a full post all about Abby soon - she's kind of the greatest thing ever and I'm totally smitten.

In other news, I still fit into my real pants, but they are getting more snug by the day. It's almost time to breakout the belly band and hair ties. I arrived in Oklahoma bump free, but by the end of the week I was sporting a pooch that I could no longer hide by sucking in. I took a little bump photo my last day in Oklahoma at the start of week 17.

Babymoon planning has been in full swing. I kind of hate the term "babymoon" because really we just need a vacation, but whatever. We're taking this bump to Hawaii in early September. We had a tough time deciding between Paris and Hawaii, but sun and relaxation won out. [Speaking of Paris, have you guys been wondering about the 30x30 list? More on that later, but I think it's safe to say I won't be turning 30 in Paris with a 2-month old baby in tow.] But I now deeply regret our decision to choose beach over city after trying on a maternity swimsuit the other day.

On Thursday, I had my first complete stranger notice I'm pregnant. It was a man, of course, because women no better than to ever venture there. I was picking up something at Home Depot and the guy helping me suggested we get a cart because, "You don't look like you should be straining yourself." To which I replied, "Can you tell I'm pregnant?" "Oh, honey, I know better than to ask that, but I've got three myself so I had a hunch."

So congratulations home depot man, you are the first stranger to identify my growing midsection as an actual baby and not just a food baby.

Cravings: mostly the same - strawberries and cream frapps, Jimmy Johns (I had at least 3 turkey tom subs before remembering I'm not really supposed to be eating deli meat), comfort foods, and anything salty/savory.

Highlights: getting to meet Abby, booking our trip to Hawaii, clearing out all the random boxes and things that were in Skippy's future nursery - now it's a blank slate just waiting to become an adorable nursery!


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