Thursday, July 9, 2015

bump watch: week 13

Finally, it's public. I did a good job keeping the secret, but Jon was incredibly antsy. This is not surprising because Jon is terrible with keeping secrets and surprises. I told him next time he is having a baby, he can tell people whenever he wants. For someone who couldn't be patient, it should be no surprise that he had the worst delivery when telling people the news.

When we told our church community group at our last meeting before summer break, he just blurted out "Katie's pregnant." We had practiced a few solid ledes beforehand, but he threw all of those out the window in the moment of truth. I'd like to think I'm much better at slipping the news into conversation, but even I have to admit that it doesn't always come up in the most seamless way.

We had an ultrasound on Monday as part of the first trimester genetic screening, which came back all clear (yay!). Skippy is looking more and more like a little human. There are hands and feet. He was incredibly squirmy the entire time. It took several minutes for the sonographer to get all the photos she needed. We also got to see him taking a little sip of water. It's amazing to see life form like that. And then it's incredibly weird to think that it's forming INSIDE you.

Jon decided the middle of the ultrasound was a good time to tell me that Hardins have big heads. I'm going to file that special piece of information under "things I really didn't need or want to know."

I feel bigger, but I haven't actually gained any weight yet. I lost a few pounds over the first several weeks by virtue of having zero appetite. I suppose this means my body is just re-arranging itself in new and fun ways.

Now that I have more energy, the urge to nest is starting to hit me hard. I've started planning two nurseries so we'll be a little more prepared once we know the gender. I've also started researching baby gear, but I usually get overwhelmed and give up after 10 minutes or so. If I had trouble choosing between 5 doulas, I have no idea how I'm going to choose between 500 strollers.

Current cravings: anything! I'm just happy to like food again. Some things at the top of the list include hot dogs (not exactly pregnancy approved, but I think rules were meant to be broken), fruit, strawberries & cream frappucinos, grilled cheese sandwiches and anything else salty or savory. I've even been enjoying some things I don't normally love, like tomatoes and bell peppers.

Highlights of the week: announcing Skippy's arrival, passing the first trimester genetic test, and yoga in the outfield with my friend Rebekah at Nats park.


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