Friday, July 24, 2015

bump watch: pink or blue?

Yes, we are going to find out the gender, but we won't know until next week. I know some people like to be surprised, but I figure it's just as much a surprise at 20 weeks as it is at 40 weeks. :) I've been kicking myself lately for rescheduling my ultrasound appointment. I had it scheduled at 18 weeks, but I let the sonographer talk me into moving it to week 20. So now as I sit here waiting for next Tuesday to roll around, I've watched a few friends with due dates after mine already find out their gender. I'm never this patient, and it might actually be killing me.

Here is what everyone is predicting:

I was completely convinced it's a boy, and while I'm still leaning that way, I've been faltering in the last couple of weeks. I had a dream the other night that it was a girl. It's hard to deny the gender reveal dream! I also think the fact that most others are team girl has made me second guess myself, but deep down, I still think it's a boy.

Jon had a dream it's a girl and he likes to be contrarian so he is 100% team girl. He has not faltered since day one. 

My Dad also thinks girl, and he is also 100% convinced. My sister votes boy, and I think Mom is torn.

Jon's family is full of boys so I think they are all hoping to add a little girl to the brood.

Apparently our pastor is pretty good at predicting these things, but now I'm thinking that's only because he plays both sides of the aisle. Last week, he said girl, but this week, he told us it's a boy so his vote is cancelled out.

And just for funsies, let's see which way the old wives tales are pointing: 

Heartbeat: It's always been over 140. Girl: 1 point.

Chinese Calendar: I'm 29 and the conception date was in March. Boy: 1 point.

Cravings - For someone who normally has a huge sweet tooth, I'm all about salty and savory foods these days. Boy: 1 point 

Hair & skin - For the most part, my hair and skin has been more on the dry side and has not gone completely haywire. In fact, when I actually do my hair, which is rare, I almost always get stopped by someone complimenting me on it. So no matter the gender, I'm giving a  +1 to pregnancy hormones. Boy: 1 point.

Morning sickness - I didn't have an appetite and I constantly felt like I was riding in the back of a car, but I never threw up nor would I call it debilitating morning sickness so I'm giving this one to team boy. Boy: 1 point.

So the old wives tales point to a boy. The plot thickens...

Whatever the gender, one thing is clear - we may never be able to agree on a name. Jon is an expert name killer. He has literally found a way to shoot down every suggestion I've thrown at him. I think there was one name on my list that made the cut. Sorry, Skipper, but your nickname might have to stick unless Dad starts cooperating.


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