Friday, January 10, 2014

that time i got coffee with obama

Political leanings aside, Presidential sightings are pretty exciting - even here in D.C. where motorcades are abundant. Today, POTUS himself wandered into my work 'hood for lunch (and by wander I mean shut down our entire block with enough flashing lights to feed a disco) so, of course, we all stopped working and spent the next hour gawking.

But gawking from across the street isn't nearly as fun as gawking from 10 feet away so we wandered over to the restaurant for an up-close-as-the-secret-service-will-let-us sneak peek. After a quick secret service wanding, we were in. I played it cool and ordered a chai latte at the coffee bar while taking sneaky President photos.

Photo courtesy my co-worker David. His turned out better than mine.

Here are my thoughts on the prez since we're practically besties now:

He looked a little bored, a lot tired, and like he could use a caramel roll. Also, his head is smaller in person.

I think this tops the Friday happy list.


  1. Hi Katie, How cool is that?! We also live in the D.C. area, but I have yet to experience an Obama sighting. ;) I saw that caramel roll blog post spread on Facebook, and even clicked the link to see the recipe--just did not read enough to realize I knew the author of the blog! And now I want caramel rolls on this rainy afternoon, too. I think I'll whip up a batch from your posted recipe and think about good 'ole North Dakota.

    1. P.S. I just realized my profile didn't show up with my comment--this is Michelle Sveet. =)

    2. I had no idea you were in the D.C. area! What a small world. :) I hope you enjoyed the recipe!

  2. That's cool! My husband got to meet Obama (Senator at the time) when he was working out in DC as an intern.