Thursday, July 21, 2016

seventh months

When we were at Charlie's six month appointment, I told our pediatrician how much fun we were having at that age. She said if we thought that was fun, we were going to be beside ourselves over the next few months. She wasn't lying. I completely underestimated how much fun it is to watch your child have fun.

This past month was full of summer adventures - you've basically splashed your way through July. When it's not too hot, we've enjoyed al fresco dining, a baseball game, stroller walks, swinging, and lots and lots of swimming. You are eating solids, moving as much as possible without actually crawling, and generally just loving baby life right now.

Sleep is back to status quo. You take three naps a day usually without much fuss, and you go to bed easily around 7:15 - often waking up once in the early morning (4:00 am-ish) for a quick snack. I should be desperate for uninterrupted sleep, but call me crazy, I've actually been a little sad the handful of times you've strung together a few nights of no wake-ups. 1) Because it means you wake up at 6 a.m. instead of between 7-8. And 2) because I missed my snuggles. Those early morning feeds are so quiet and peaceful. After nursing, I pick you up, and you wrap your little arms around me and rest your sleepy little head on my shoulder. I like to linger just a minute with you tucked in my arms. You are such a wiggle worm that it's the only time I get to hold you like this, and I know I won't get to do it forever.

We transitioned out of your magic sleep suite - no more nighttime space adventures! You are now in a wearable blanket that allows for more movement. You've taken full advantage by tossing, turning and rolling at will. It's made for some cute monitor spying, but luckily hasn't disrupted your sleep.

You eat supper with us, and you've made so much progress in just one month. So far, the only food you outright rejected was broccoli. You couldn't figure out how to spit it out so you just started angrily rubbing your eyes. Since you don't have teeth or a pincer grasp yet, you can't do much damage with all foods, but you give everything on your plate your best shot. Your favorite foods seem to be the ones you can most easily eat - bananas, peaches, toast with peanut butter, strawberries, and squash. You will take bottles of breastmilk from dad or the babysitter when mom is away. Word on the street is that you insist on holding your own bottle and you take it out and look at it when it's all gone.

You are still a most serious baby. You are so intent on studying every little thing. You scrutinize your toys and fixate on the littlest details. Perhaps your greatest day was when I put the toy bucket in front of you instead of fishing out a few toys for you to play with. You spent several minutes happily sorting through the bin carefully picking out your toys one by one.

You are always trying to figure things out. This is never more true than when we are out of the house, and you are presented with all kinds of new things to explore. Of course, this means you don't have any time to exchange pleasantries with the world at large. You are far too busy taking it all in.

I secretly love that you save most of your smiles and giggles for us at home. Stuffed animal tickle attacks, playing tick tock or peekaboo, or just repeating words and phrases in silly voices - hi, hello, big bertha (inspired by Dad's new work case), and poop (I'll let you guess which parent uses that one) are all favorites to get you laughing. And once you start, you laugh and laugh and laugh some more. The best is when you laugh again while watching a video of yourself laughing. That's not narcissistic at all.

You give us big ol' smiles when we get you up in the morning and after naps. You also love when Daddy gets home and comes over to pick you up. He whisks you upstairs for what he has termed a "pants party," which means a change out of work clothes for him, maybe a diaper change for you, and lots of singing and laughing.

Whenever Sesame Street comes on, you break out into a HUGE smile. You love Grover and Elmo. You love being in the water and splashing. Bath time, your kiddie pool at home or floating around in a big pool - doesn't matter, you love it all. You love your monkey basketball set, and you've learned how to take the balls out of the hoop. Chewing on stuffed animals (shark and mr. penguin especially) and banging toys are favorite activities. Grabbing faces or anything else within reach will do when toys are not present.

You have learned how to scream, usually in delight, but much to the chagrin of my ears. You've made a lot of new sounds this month - "baaaaa," a raspberry sound, and this cute "pfffft" sound like you are scoffing at us. It's only cute because I know you aren't actually sneering at us....right?

But life is not all fun and games. You have started to get upset sometimes when we walk away from you. You stare longingly at the food you've dropped on the floor. [I know, buddy, I get sad when the food is all gone too. I can't imagine how it must feel to know it's all gone because you threw it on the floor. The regret is palpable.] You also threw an absolute fit when you went to the chiropractor with mom. You clearly did not like that strange man adjusting your mom's back and neck. It was actually pretty adorable - my little protector.

It's been an awesome month. Can I hit pause? If so, I would, but then I would be sad about missing all the fun that's coming next...I *almost* can't wait.


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