Tuesday, July 5, 2016

abby turns one

Just in case you think this blog is all about my baby, I'm going to mix things up and tell you about another baby. Sneaky sneaky. This is my sister's baby, the Abby Kate to my Aunt Kitty. Affectionately known as abs, six pack, abster, munchkin or chunk. She's a funny kid - so happy and ridiculously cute. I just love her to pieces. I was not about to miss her first birthday so we recently traveled to Oklahoma for her party - an uno-themed fiesta.

Charlie and I flew to Wichita first and spent some time at Schmeema and Papa's house before meandering to Norman for the main event (Jon met us in Norman over the birthday weekend). It's getting more fun each time the cousins are together - especially now that Charlie is able to sit up and play a little more. They still don't know quite what to make of each other. Abby likes to give attention and affection (she gave hugs and tried to share her toys and food with Charlie), and Charlie mostly just looks at her like she might be crazy. I think it's the perfect start of a long friendship.

This trip was especially sweet because Charlie got to meet his great-grandparents for the first time. They came up from Colorado for Abby's shindig.

We made it! Do I look weary? Flying solo with baby will do that to you...even though he was a really good traveler!

Watching baseball with Papa.
"Tell me all your troubles and worries, Abby."
The chunk and the monk. Still not quite sure what to make of each other. Also, Abby's hair is amazing.
Charlie with his great grandfather and namesake, Jofees. 
Cutest birthday girl I ever did see.
That hat, though.
She was a little hesitant about her cake so Charlie helped her out.
Don't worry, we stopped him before that cake covered hand got to his mouth.
Mmmmm, maybe I do like this cake.
Father's Day was that Sunday. His shirt says "Sunday Funday." His face says "Monday morning."
Much better.
Matching outfits! Matching outfits!
How many photos does it take before you get a really good one???
Worth the effort. We told Abby to hug Charlie and that's just what she did.
Since we were all gathered for the first time in 5 years we took advantage of the opportunity and had some family photos taken. It should be noted that Charlie had a cute navy and white stripe outfit on that perfectly complemented Abby's attire, but he pooped all over it en route to the photo location. I was really lucky his back-up outfit was still photo-worthy...usually whatever emergency change of clothes I have in the diaper bag aren't as cute.


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