Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

Dining room: Monday afternoon compared to Wednesday evening.

And here is a sneak peek of the kitchen. The granite backsplash and tile floor are gone. We couldn't go in because the subfloor material was still drying, but it's already starting to look better. Turns out the previous floor had no subfloor, which explains why the tiles were cracking.

We had to decide where to place the border this morning, which like most construction decisions, was more complicated than anticipated. It's the smallest things that become the biggest problems. They are starting to lay the tile floor today so when we go back tonight I'll be able to see the pattern. This is both exciting and terrifying.

We are also picking up paint samples today and more importantly, picking up Mom from the airport...just in time to restore my sanity and relieve Jon of his decision-making duties.


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