Friday, August 2, 2013

The Friday Happy List

The Way Way Back. This was the highlight of last weekend. We spent most of the weekend purging the house of everything we didn't want to pack and move. We aren't pack rats & our apartment is only 980 sq. ft., but it's amazing how much "junk" we managed to accumulate in 4 years. Our biggest find was $20 that my mom sent in a card several months ago. That's about all the encouragement we needed to quit organizing and go to a movie. The Way Way Back is a sweet coming-of-age story, heartwarming and funny. I particularly enjoyed Allison Janney's character, but I always love her so that's no surprise.

Starbucks Refreshers. Have you tried these yet? They are amazing. I don't like coffee - it's too hot for coffee right now anyway - so this is my go-to drink. It's refreshing (duh), low in calories, and has just enough caffeine to keep me awake in the afternoon. I recommend the cool lime flavor with added berries.

Sun Chips Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chips. I bought these at the store during a moment of weakness (I blame all impulse purchases on the stress of home buying), but I'm glad I did because they are pretty darn tasty. Do yourself a favor and buy them for your next cookout.

 Rifle Paper Co. Thank You Postcards. I love Rifle Paper Co. They have the best stationery. You never know when you'll need to send a thank you note so I always like to have some pretty ones on hand. These are my current favorites.


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