Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Mom's trip to D.C. could not have come at a better time. It was so helpful to have another set of eyes and another pair of hands. We got a lot done, but now I'm exhausted.

Best Mom ever. She packed several boxes
while I was at work on Friday.

We packed almost the entire apartment. It's paper plates & cups from here on out, but I'm so glad to have that massive chore behind us.

Fabric for the patio furniture
The grill and patio furniture are ordered and set for delivery. I'm so excited to finally have some outdoor space that I'd probably be happy to sit on the ground and eat takeout, but I think the new furniture and grill will be way more fun. Thanks for the housewarming gift, Mom & Dad!

Kitchen lighting, hardware, and faucet have also been ordered and should arrive later this week. Here is a peek of all the kitchen finishes so far. I'm still wavering on the paint color, but I think I've narrowed it down to 2 options. I really love the faucet. I read somewhere that hardware is like jewelry for a house. When you think of it like that, it was totally worth it to splurge on this pretty polished nickel faucet.

Kitchen paint samples
#2 - Hollingsworth Green
#7 - Thornton Sage

Last but not least, a paint color for the main part of the house was chosen! More on this later. I never want to look at paint samples again, but I still have to choose colors for the master bedroom and kitchen. Sigh.

We managed to have a little fun by eating good food at some of our favorite restaurants. Other than that it was all work...unless you consider making a million decisions fun. Mom and I probably enjoyed it more than Jon, but he was a trooper even when we had to start all over with the paint samples.

We are headed to Oklahoma this weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and to properly warm their new house. I need a break, and thankfully we got so much done this weekend that I might actually be able to relax and enjoy myself.

[Notice Jon in the reflection of the window in this photo. I love how hard he is trying even though I'm pretty sure they all still look the same to him.]


  1. Katie, where did you find the pendant? I really like it and I'm getting ready to update my kitchen. Thanks, Karen Riekeman

  2. I ordered the light fixtures online from schoolhouseelectric.com. I'll let you know about the quality when they come in!