Friday, April 29, 2016

friday photo dump

Here is a random assortment of Charlie photos that needed a home...You'll notice a theme of eating hands and not smiling. This kid cracks me up.
someone fell asleep on our stroll to go vote in the Virginia primary. 

He pooped right before I handed him over to the Easter bunny. Sorry.
Who me?
This is my happy face.
Just a boy and his pirate. 
I'm going to hold onto this just in case someone tries to take it while I sleep.

Dad, that's a drain cover, not a hat.

When Mom tries to keep me from rolling over during tummy time. 
A little shopping at the team store before baseball season started. Also, this kid has big feet.
Mom says I have to learn how to stop eating my hands first.
I swear I'm having fun. 

Sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy because I didn't want to be in my carseat.
Sitting still is for babies.
I'll let you guess what happened right before this photo was taken.


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