Monday, April 4, 2016

baby's first spring break

We tentatively planned a family vacation with my side of the family before Charlie was born. It was a little daunting to think about traveling with baby, but I knew I would be more than ready for some sun and relaxation come March. So with baby's passport in hand (it took some doing, but Charlie's passport photo taken around 5 weeks is pretty precious) we headed to Mexico. I'm so glad we went for it. And the best part was that we just had to show up. Schmeema did all of the planning. Thanks, Schmeema!

I don't know why I was worried, Charlie was a total champ during all the travel. That first day was long. We drove to Baltimore, parked, checked in, went through security, waited to board, took a 4-hour flight, went through customs, waited for our transportation, and then drove a little over 1 hour to the condo in Playa. Charlie didn't cry one time - he was perfectly content to sleep, eat or just check out his surroundings. He did the same thing on the way back - just fussing a little bit when we were waiting to get off the plane in Baltimore. He made lots of friends on both flights. Everyone was so impressed with how good he did, which totally turned me into that gushing proud parent everyone hates.

We rented a condo in Playa del Carmen. It was a short walk to the beach and right in the heart of the town so we could easily walk to shops and restaurants. With two babies in tow, we didn't want to mess with car seats. We spent the week hanging out by the pool, going to the beach, eating lots of great food, napping and just enjoying family time, i.e. sitting around watching the two littles be adorable. I was thrilled to have so many people there willing and able to hold the baby. Charlie liked that too. He's pretty content as long as he is being held. He had a lot of fun playing with Papa Butch & Schmeema. They got the best smiles out of him, and Schmeema even got him to chuckle one time.

Jon and I had our first official night out sans baby with Megan & Aaron. We went to a nice dinner while the littles stayed at the condo with Schmeema & Papa. Charlie behaved - only melting down once he got hungry - but calming right down after guzzling his bottle. I'm going to need all the grandparents to move in with us so I can have built in babysitters at my disposal!

It was really fun to introduce the cousins for the first time. They are 6 months apart, which seems like a huge difference now, but won't be as they grow up. Abby completely dwarfs Charlie - she is fat, happy and very talkative. Charlie, on the other hand, is lanky, stoic and not one for exuberance. We nicknamed them the chunk and the monk. I'm not sure either one knew what to make of the other, but I can't wait to see them interact more as they grow up together.

The two kiddos were a big hit in the double stroller. Abby road in the front and completely hammed it up for all the admirers. Meanwhile, Charlie held down the back row and gave everyone the stink face. It's almost like he was mad at Abby for giving away so many free smiles. He clearly thinks everyone should have to work really hard to get him to do a trick.

Baby's first flight
First time in the pool. Poor kid. It wasn't so much that he hated the water, he was just tired.
Meanwhile, Abby loved being in the pool.
See, all he needed was a little nap with Schmeema.

Second time in the pool. Doesn't hate it.

This is my happy face.
Checking out the beach.

This is fine as long as I can eat my hands.

I love this. Jump, Abby, jump!

That time I stuck my hand in a vat of cream cheese.
The cousins meet.
Abby plays well with others.
Peeking over a pillow. Papa Butch's hand is bigger than Charlie.
Parents on the loose!
Packing to go home.


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