Tuesday, June 16, 2015

bump watch: week 5

You probably didn't miss me, but in case you did, I think I have a pretty good excuse for my blogging absence. Apparently growing another human being is taxing work. I spent the last 12-13 weeks intermittently sleeping and thinking about sleeping. But I've also been blogging on occasion. I'll start publishing those now starting with the oldest update from week 5 of this pregnancy. You don't have to read these (duh). I blog as much for my own journaling purposes as anything else so do with these bump updates what you will.

I think I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, but this one is killing me. By the time you will be reading this, I'll be sailing through my second trimester, but right now, it's just me, Jon and a few strangers who know. Apparently since we have decided not to tell friends and family quite yet, my only outlet is telling complete strangers. Sorry, Mom, but the A/C repairman knew before you.

I've almost let it slip with my mom, sister and friends so many times. Every time my mom calls she comments on how tired I sound. It's taken everything I have to not blurt out, "Well, yeah, because I'm pregnant!" I know it will be more fun to tell everyone in person, but the waiting is a real drag.  

I'm also still very much in denial. It doesn't quite feel real yet. I go in for my first OB ultrasound (at 6 weeks) next week. Perhaps detecting the heartbeat will make it feel a little more real. I'm sure a huge part of that is that I don't feel the least bit pregnant save the tiredness. I'm a serial napper anyway so it's not that unusual for me. Although these naps aren't optional - I literally can't keep my eyes open these days. There are no cravings or any morning sickness yet, but I also haven't had much of an appetite lately.

I just got accepted into the midwives program at George Washington Univ. Hospital. I'm so excited! It's in really high demand - people around here joke that you have to call before the urine test dries. I had a slight advantage because I found out as soon as possible through a Beta blood test. It was confirmed before most people would have even thought about buying a pregnancy test. But even with that advantage, I was nervous they would already be full for December deliveries, but they had room! I'm so excited to have the option of delivering with a low-intervention natural birth, but in a hospital setting with access to the best emergency medical care just in case it's needed. 


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