Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but it involves candy and kids in cute costumes so I'm not totally opposed to it. Last year, we committed the worst new home-owner fail of them all by running out of candy after an hour or so. We had to take the walk of shame to our neighbors house to borrow some of their candy.

This year, I wanted to do things differently. We bought about three times as much candy, which Jon promptly hid from me. Halloween candy in bulk is a major hazard when working from home. He did a really good job. I haven't exhausted all efforts to find it, but I may or may not have opened a few closets in passing hoping to find the candy bowl. No such luck.

We didn't just stop with more candy, though. I wanted to have a fun treat to pass out to the kiddos we knew so yesterday I made 90 popcorn balls. This is approximately 60 too many, but it's my biggest fear in life to run out of food. It's right up there on the fear list next to cockroaches.

I did have a little mishap while making the popcorn balls. I put the butter and marshmallows on the stove to start the melting process. As I was standing there stirring, I smelled something burning. I thought it was odd because the butter hadn't been on the stove long enough to burn. I looked down, and it turns out I WAS THE ONE BURNING. Actual flames were eating my scarf. I guess I got a little too close to the open flame of the gas burner. Oops. Gas stove = 1. Pink scarf = 0.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Greetings from Ireland.

    They look interesting! How do you make them?