Monday, October 6, 2014

confessions of an awkward life

I had a really impressive week as a human last week. Sometimes awkward just follows me or maybe it's that I bring the awkward with me wherever I go. Either way, last week was full of greatness.

It all started on Monday. I went into DC to meet with some of our contractors for work. I set up shop at Starbucks, and plopped my bag down beside me. While I was busy gabbing away, someone was busy grabbing away. It wasn't until I got that dreaded call from fraud protection that I realized my wallet was no longer in my purse. It had jumped shipped, taken a cab to Macy's and was currently on a shoe shopping spree.

That's right, I'm so awesome that my wallet was stolen right under my nose by someone who is too lazy to walk 4 blocks to Macy's and probably has bad taste in shoes. I had to take the walk of shame to Jon's office to borrow his metro card so I could get home. Life = 1. Katie = 0.

On Saturday, I got up earlier than I do on a weekday to go to a Bar Method class. I got ready, drove into DC, paid for parking, walked into the studio, and put my stuff in a locker before realizing that there was a huge hole in my pants. I repeat, I almost went into an exercise class full of bending and stretching with a giant hole in my pants. I again, took the walk of shame to the front desk to explain why I was going home instead of going into class. Life = 2. Katie = 0.

I really don't want to go into the rest, but let's just say it may or may not involve a Christmas tree cookie jar purchased from QVC, a run in with a front desk security guard (no, I didn't realize I was standing in an area of your lobby where you don't like people to stand. yes, I'm deeply sorry.) and forgetting where my car was parked. Twice.

I completely understand if you no longer want to be my friend.


  1. okay, people are terrible! sorry your wallet was stolen! :( i hope you win a few this week!