Thursday, October 23, 2014


When bloggers get lazy (or just way behind on updating), we post pictures. Aren't you grateful that phones have cameras now? How many of these moments would I have failed to capture without it? Probably all of them. Of course, the trick is that after you snap the photo, you then put away your phone to actually enjoy life. 

3 meals for parents with new babies. If only they could all be as sweet as this wee one. I'm not even sure she ever cries.
one new coat of paint in the guest bedroom. it's almost done and ready for a reveal. stay tuned.
one beautiful bouquet of flowers from my hubby to congratulate me on my first day at my new gig.
do you want to hear more about the new job? work seems a boring blog topic, but i'll see what i can do.
a thousand cell phone lights demanding an encore at a Billy Joel concert.
one new kitchen organization station. finally, a place to hang all those baby announcements. :)
many a baseball game. 
one fab floral dress...and that wallpaper. i die. 
a wedding shower for this beautiful bride. 

a perfect ice cream cone during a visit to lynchburg to visit the tad hardins.
one nerdy stop at a civil war site on our way back from lynchburg.

two fabulous chairs delivered for the living room. 

one new couch currently in production. can you guess which couch fabric i chose???
one weekend trip to arkansas, complete with a tour of the new football stadium at my alma mater.
three returns, but finally one set of master bedroom that i think will stay.
one evening spent filling in as a soccer mom for these two goofballs.
two tickets to the NLDS.
one fantastic playoff manicure.
one husband sneaking away from a wedding to listen to game 2 on his phone. 
one art festival with this cutie who likes to eat phones.
covers and pillows and curtains, oh my. one guest bedroom almost ready for company.
one beautiful day working outside. best. office. ever. 
dozens of candy corn cookies. candy corn sugar cookies > actual candy corn.
Whew. Now we are all caught up.


  1. Love the candy corn cookies! Super cute. You look gorgeous holding those tickets! Long hair don't care! (Whatever that means)