Friday, February 28, 2014

the friday happy list

This has been a pretty stellar week, and it's only going up from here! I got to eat at a bucket list restaurant, Jon made me a cake, everyone showed me more love than necessary on my birthday, and that's just to name a few. 

Baby Rocco
Remember the baby shower I hosted for my friend Melissa back in January? Fast forward about 7 weeks, and Baby Rocco has arrived! I was hoping he would make his appearance on February 25th so we could share a birthday, but once I heard Melissa went into labor on the evening of the 22nd, I thought holding out hope for the 25th was just too cruel.  

He is Peter George, but affectionately called "Rocco." Isn't that name just perfect? Don't go stealing it, though. I only have room for one Rocco in my life. I got a quick visit in last night, and was completely blown away by his preciousness. I'm usually pretty terrified of newborns (so small! so breakable!), but Rocco and I became fast friends. It also helped that he was milk drunk during our little meet and greet. 

Seeing your friends become parents is thee sweetest. I'm so happy for this family of three!

We leave TOMORROW MORNING for our desert adventure. This comparison between weather in Dubai and weather in D.C. pretty much sums up why this is so exciting. I'll probably be ignoring the blog next week so if you want to know what we're up to you in Dubai follow me on instagram @ ktlhardin.

New Workout Gear
This doesn't really compare to new babies and vacations, but it's still fun. Since I'm a big believer in workout gear that is both functional and cute, I was pumped to receive these new tops for my birthday (Thanks Mom & Dad!). This one & this one from Anthro's Pure + Good activewear line. I'm obsessed with the ruffle details and thumb holes. And I really love that this is all presentable enough to wear outside the gym. Win/win.


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