Tuesday, February 25, 2014

28 things for 28 years

0. Born at exactly 10:00 a.m. I've been punctual ever since.

1. Fell asleep to radio static. Survived Megan dragging me around with a jump rope.

2. Reached my cutest level ever. Have since regretted peaking too early.

3. Wet my pants on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland. Scored a new Mickey Mouse outfit. [To clarify, I was potty trained, but the bathroom on the island was out of order and we had to wait for the little boat to shuttle us back to land.]
Wet my pants. Got a new outfit. Worth it.

4. Played an angel at Halloween & reprised my role in the school Christmas musical. The costume fooled no one.
Oh, Megan. 

5. Loved pink, polka dots, bows & all things girl. Still do.
Luckily I've learned how to properly apply lipstick.

6. Somehow earned the nickname Puddin' Head. Thanks, Dad.

7. All sass. Some things don't change.

Pretty sure I still make this face. Just ask Jon.

8. Broke my arm by falling off a hay bale, but apparently didn't cry enough to warrant a trip to the doctor until a day or two later.

9. Got my first perm. Sadly, it wasn't my last.

10. Contemplated careers as a waitress, used car salesman, or nurse. I would have been terrible at all of these.

11. Discovered my thumbs are too big to fit in a bowling ball that I can successfully bowl with.

12. First year Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits album went on repeat.

13. Cemented my dislike of chocolate chip cookies.

14. Loved sports, but could play none of them. Became a cheerleader instead.

15. Impressions aren't my forte, but I mastered Gus Gus - the mouse from Cinderella.

16. Won my first fantasy football league. Attended my first Packers game.

17. Realized I am my mother's daughter, but I'm ok with that because my mom is pretty great.

18. Moved to Arkansas. Discovered that driveways are optional, shopping carts are buggies and hugs are an acceptable greeting between strangers.

19. Played a girl scout in a variety show.

20. Estimated I could eat nothing but macaroni and cheese for 75 days before growing tired of it.

21. Admitted I'm a big baby about wearing heels. Accepted a life of flats.

22. Wanted to be a lawyer (mistake). Married one instead (not a mistake).

23. Moved to D.C. Imagined myself to be a witty West Wing character.

24. Finally admitted that my favorite movies are You've Got Mail & Little Big League.

25. Visited my 48th state. The only two states I haven't been to are Alabama & New Jersey.

26. Went to my first opera & my first Bruce Springsteen concert. I'll let you guess which one I liked more.

27. For a seldom crier, I cried more tears this year than the previous 10 combined. The best things in life will challenge you.

Right after we closed on the house. Do I look nervous or excited?

28. I love surprises, but I'm really hard to surprise. Can't wait to see what will surprise me this year!


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