Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekend Visitors

We had our first visitors this past weekend. Phil & Shirley (Jon's parents) took advantage of a Southwest airfare sale to spend the weekend with us in Alexandria. Hosting people is much more comfortable when everyone isn't crammed into a small apartment! [Hint: you should all come visit us.]
We toured the George Washington Masonic Memorial on Saturday.
This is the view from the top. Our house is somewhere in those trees!
Overlooking Old Town Alexandria & the Potomac River.
Jon is getting pretty good at this grilling thing. Recipe coming soon. :)
Like father, like son. The Hardin men always* do the dishes. I married into a good family.
How cute is this Dash & Albert rug?
It was a housewarming gift from Phil & Shirley. I love it!  
It took all four us to make sure our new address yard sign was straight.
Thanks for the anniversary gift, Mom & Dad. Now maybe people can actually find our house.
Also, check out the sneak peek of our new landscaping. :)

Not pictured: eating frozen custard, going to see Captain Phillips (it was good, but too long IMHO, and the shaky camera made it less enjoyable), church, crashing a neighborhood open house, card games, and some other good eats.

*Almost always. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. ;)


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