Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Front Porch

I promised some pictures so I'm starting with a low-hanging fruit (as we like to say in the development world). The porch isn't the most dramatic change in the house, but it's the most recent and maybe the most complete...probably because it didn't require buying more furniture or hanging pictures. 

Here is what it looked like before (spring):

And here is what it looks like now. It's not the biggest change, but it's certainly an improvement after sitting empty the last several weeks.
The chairs and table go with the patio set in the backyard. They were a
housewarming gift from my parents. We decided to use them on the front
porch until we decide to buy more outdoor furniture.
Looking out from the dining room window - I love all
the trees in our neighborhood/yard! 
Jon's favorite new house gadget is the power washer.
This is the porch before/after power washing. We had no
idea it was this dirty. Now I want to power wash everything
to see what else is really dirty.
The vintage wagon was our big antiquing find. I really love it!
The pumpkins are from a family farm in Virginia.
The smaller ones are future pies, and the 2 big ones will eventually be carved.
We inherited the plants, but they work for now. 


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