Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One Month

Well, that flew by. I'm guessing it's way too early in this parenthood thing to already be begging for time to slow down, but that's how I feel. I packed away your newborn clothes after 3 weeks - if I didn't love organizing so much, it probably would have done me in. We had no idea what to expect, but this first month has been awesome. There has been a lot of adjusting and learning, but we have loved every minute of being your Mom & Dad.

We are a little tardy with this update, but I wanted to include your official stats. Your one-month check up had to be rescheduled thanks to the snowstorm. You are a tall boy with a big head! You currently weigh 9 lbs, 15 ounces and are 23 inches long. Future basketball player???

You are incredibly alert and expressive when you are awake, which is often! You generally only take short naps during the day with maybe one longer afternoon stint. Who has time to sleep when there are so many fun things to look at? You make the best faces when you are being burped. No two are alike - your Aunt Megan says she doesn't know what you look like because every photo I send of you is so different!

You are also a strong little fellow. Everyone comments on this when they first meet you. You've been holding your head up since day one. You love to show off at the doctor's office. At your pediatrician appointment on your 5th day of life, you rolled from your back to your side. Yesterday, we had you on your tummy, and you lifted your body up on your arms while craning your neck. The doctor was really impressed - she said it's usually around 4 months when babies start lifting up on their arms. We are in serious trouble if you keep this development rate up.

You have a ton of red hair. There is no question you are your father's son, and everyone thinks you look just like him. BUT, when you look at baby pictures of Mom and Dad, you actually look a lot more like Mom as a baby. Hey, I want a little credit too!

You are such a chill, happy baby. We are eagerly waiting for your first smile. You can follow our voices and mimic some of our actions (sticking out your tongue, and the other day, you started moving your arms while Dad was pretending to conduct some classical music), but we can't wait for you to break out a big smile.

You sleep for 6-7 hours at night, which is awesome, but it also means you eat all day - especially in the evenings. You really only cry when you are hungry, but I can't even get mad about it because you get SO excited about eating. Every time you act like you've never eaten before...even if you literally just ate.

We can't get enough of your little hiccups and big yawns. You are also making new, fun sounds every day. We basically think everything you do is cute, and we hope this trend continues. :)

You love: being held like a football and/or being on your tummy, being swaddled, bath time (once we figured out the trick of getting the bathroom nice and steamy beforehand so you stay warm), being in your ergo or k'tan carriers, looking at lights, napping in your rock n' play, riding in the car, your pacifier

You hate: being cold or being hungry

Highlights of the month: first Christmas and New Years, attending your first NFL game, the major snowstorm that hit DC, meeting your Schmeema, Papa Butch, Nana & Grandpa


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