Thursday, October 1, 2015

bump watch: week 29

bumpie time...our good luck packers shirt!
Big news, Skippy, the Packers are 3-0!!!!! Ok, that wasn't really my big news (but I think you might be good luck. Or at least the maternity Packers shirt I have thanks to you is good luck)....

I *think* we have a name picked out for you! We've been trying it on for size, and while we still slip up and call you Skippy from time to time, there have been no other adverse reactions to your chosen name. The jury is still out on who/what/where/when/why others may get to be in on the secret, but we're leaning toward keeping it close to the vest. Telling people your name might just open a whole can of worms we don't want to deal with - we get enough opinions about you as it is. :) Besides, isn't it more fun for people to be surprised?!

I spend a good amount of time  these days debating the best way to tell people how far along I am - almost 30 weeks, due in December, just over 2 months to go! No matter what I say, I know people will immediately look at my belly and judge my progress. For example, I was getting along swimmingly with the nice young man installing the blinds in your nursery until he asked how far along I was. When I told him when you were due, he told me he thought I was farther along than that. Wrong answer, blinds guy, wrong answer.

You were measuring right on schedule at my last midwife appointment, but the chiropractor told me yesterday that you are long baby. Speaking of the chiropractor, he is mom's favorite person these days. You don't seem to mind him too much either. I know my comfort is your top evidenced by your constant beat down of my right rib cage. You are laying on my left side head down with arms and legs free to use the rest of me a punching bag. I imagine you as a boxing puppet, but cuter and more cuddly.

Our other favorite thing to do these days is prenatal yoga. We started a 6-week class last week. It's fun to be with all the other moms-to-be and little humans. The classes focus on getting us ready for labor and delivery. We are learning lots of great laboring positions and stretches to help strengthen and relieve those achy muscles.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Wichita for a little grandmother's shower. It will be your first trip to Schmeema's house (and your last plane trip from the inside). All of Schmeema's friends are excited for your arrival too! It's very sweet of them to want to shower you just because they know and love your Schmeema. There is a bit of a hurricane issue threatening our travel plans, but I'm hoping a little rain won't stop us.


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