Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Aunt Kitty

My nickname in the family is Baby Katie. I'm the baby and always will be, but in June of this year, I'm going to have to give up my title (but I'm keeping the nickname). Megan, aka Schmee, aka my older sister, is having her first baby in a few short months. BABY! I'm not really sure when we got old enough to have babies, but I'm so glad she's going first so she can figure this whole thing out for us.

After much lobbying and even promising that I would buy her a pink stroller if the baby was a girl, it is, of course a girl. Eek! I made good on the stroller promise, but I was practical and bought it in black. Being practical is not nearly as much fun.

They are naming her Abby Kate, which is totes adorbs. I suppose if she is going to take my title the least she can do is share my name. And last, but not least, we've decided that she is going to call me Aunt Kitty. Kitty is typically how my name comes out with little kiddos anyway. It's already on a mug so there is no turning back now.

As you can probably tell, we are over the moon. I can't wait to meet Abby. And spoil her. And dress her in pink. There *might* even be some bows. We are going to be best buddies.

I met my mom and sister in Dallas a couple of weekends ago for some shopping and eating. Abby made out pretty good. Notice that sea of pink in the top right corner of the photo? Those are my contributions. I can't help it.

We are throwing Megan a shower in April. Stay tuned for adorable updates on the shower and Abby's arrival this summer.


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