Monday, October 21, 2013

Life Lately

I'm still shocked at how much of my time this house consumes. Maybe this is just what being a homeowner is like? Don't get me wrong, I'm really loving it - I just don't know what happened to all my free time! This weekend we're headed for some R&R to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary - more on that later - and our first house guests arrive next week so everything has been a mad rush to get "company" ready.

As an apology for my terrible blogging skills, here are some photos to keep you occupied. 

Wine, cheese & crackers from our new neighbors. I love them already. 
Another sweet housewarming gift all the way from North Dakota.  
Antiquing in Virginia. I wish I could have brought this island home. 
We were so deprived of outdoor space in the condo that the fact
 I can open my door and step right outside onto this patio still gets me every time. 
Apple Canning: Before. 
Apple Canning: After. 
This is the BEST grout cleaner ever.
Go buy some. You can thank me later. 
Taking in a Packers win in Charm City.
I usually don't take selfies, but I actually did my hair this Sunday. Woot woot.
Our new kitchen table, chairs and rug. This makes me so happy.
Putting together the power washer.
Never a dull moment at our house.
I've got a court date on Wednesday for this baby.
Thanks for the nice welcome, Virginia.
We be grillin' in the dark. 
When we not be grillin', we be eatin' cereal for dinner.
Sorry I'm not sorry. 
Last, but not least, another awesome
housewarming gift - an address stamp from Megan.


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