Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Happy List

A brief list of things I am currently enjoying. 

The Crash Reel. I thought my sister was crazy when she recommended I watch this documentary about a snowboarder. Snowboarding isn't really my thing. I went skiing once. "It's easy," they said. "Anyone can do it," they said. Those were lies. I ended up breaking a pole in half. But back to the Crash Reel. It's about a snowboarder, but it's not really about snowboarding. It's about life, family, loss and learning. I loved it.

What Alice Forgot. This book is solidly in the chick lit camp, but I couldn't put it down. Alice wakes up from a fall at the gym only to realize she has forgotten 10 years of her life. It's pure entertainment - a perfect summer vacation read.

Training Camp. Baseball season has been a disappointment thus far so I'm ready to get back to football. In 5 short weeks we will move into the new house and then football starts the next week. I'm not sure which of those things makes me more happy. Probably the house, but it's *this* close.

Hexagon tile. We ordered tile for the kitchen this week. It ended up being a much more difficult process than expected, but it's done...finally. More on this later.


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