Sunday, January 15, 2017

giggle box and first steps

One of my favorite things about Charlie is the way he laughs. He makes you work for it, but the payoff is always worth the effort. It's a full-body experience, and once he starts, he just can't stop. We caught this giggle fest on film, and I have a feeling we'll be watching this one for years to come.

In other exciting news, someone is doing some serious walking! He took his first couple of steps just before his first birthday. He was standing against the same green chair in this video and took 1-2 steps into my arms. He's done it a few times since then, but nothing more substantial than that....until yesterday. He suddenly started walking all over the place - staying on his feet for 6 or more steps at a time. Today, he got even more brave, and we're already at a 50/50 walking vs. crawling ratio. 

I'm sure it's only a matter of days now before we never see him crawl again. *Tear* But seriously, these last few days have been so fun. It's adorable to watch him stumble about looking a bit intoxicated but so so proud of himself. We call him the kamikaze because he just takes off - usually toward a hard object or sharp corner - with little to no regard for how he is going to stop. 


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