Friday, December 16, 2016

gobble, gobble

We are busy, busy around here gearing up for Charlie's first birthday and Christmas, but we can't forget Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because: 1) the food and 2) it's the beginning of Christmas season. :) We've been traveling out of the country (or I've been extremely pregnant) the last few years so it's been too long since we had a proper Thanksgiving.

We headed down to southern Virginia to visit Jon's brother and his family. Nana and Grandpa were able to come up from Arkansa so we could all be together. We all teamed up to make the meal, and it was quite the delicious feast.

We had to leave on Friday to head back so Jon could finish a work project, but we had time to help decorate their tree before we left....Charlie, of course, being the biggest helper of them all.

Enough of these photos. When do we eat??
Caught him standing - happens more and more each day. 
Charlie's first plate. Don't worry, this isn't all he ate.
He had at least three rolls, and he really liked the green bean casserole.

Decorating with Aunt Monica.

And a few videos of all the fun he had with Nana & Grandpa - blanket rides and head bobs!


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