Thursday, May 12, 2016

visits with schmeema & papa butch

We've had the pleasure of seeing Schmeema & Papa Butch twice in the last month! Charlie and I flew to Wichita in mid-April while Jon was at a work conference in San Diego. And last weekend, they came to visit us here in Alexandria.

Yet again, Charlie was an expert traveler - and thank goodness because I was flying solo this time. He made friends on all of his flights and barely made a peep the entire trip. We spent one night in Wichita and then drove down to Oklahoma to see Aunt Megan, Uncle Aaron and cousin Abby. Schmeema and Papa Butch will hopefully be moving to Norman, OK soon so we went to shop for a house. Turns out house hunting is not Charlie's favorite activity, but he hung in there like a champ.

This is what I do on planes.
First time sitting up in a high chair (just shy of 4 months old) - with the help of mom's boppy pillow.

Do we have to go look at another house?!

Abby sharing her toy with Charlie. 

Do we have to fly home, Mom?
While they were in town last weekend, we celebrated Schmeema's birthday and Mother's Day. Schmeema and Papa also had the pleasure of babysitting while Jon and I went to a wedding. It was the longest we'd been away from Charlie - and the first time someone else had to put him to bed - but all parties survived. I think we'd let them do it again. ;) On Monday night, the adults went to a baseball game while Charlie stayed home with a sitter. This whole leaving the baby with a sitter thing is pretty great. :)

Happy Birthday, Schmeema!
I showered AND did my hair. #adulting
Meanwhile, Charlie stayed home with his grandparents.

Sorta behaving during church...

Every family has THAT person. 
Learning how to sit up with Schmeema.
He is doing so well, and can completely support himself upright without help for several seconds.


  1. Hello, Friends! Someone on FB posted a Caramel Roll recipe. I found the backstory interesting...and familiar! My suspicions were confirmed when I saw Debbie's picture. Wow! She never changes! Blessings to all of you!