Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two Months

We are a little late posting this again - it was a busy, busy week last week. Not only did you celebrate 2 months, but Mom turned the big 3-0. I think it's safe to say we are both growing up way too fast.

You had to have 4 shots at your 2-month appointment (they were out of the combination shot), but you handled it like a total champ. You only cried a little bit. Our appointment confirmed that you are growing like a weed (90-something percentile for height), but we are going to work on fattening you up. You are a lanky little fellow, but quite strong. You showed off again by smiling for the doctor and further demonstrating your head and neck strength.

Here is everything you were up to in month two.

You love being the center of attention. You are none to happy when you think you've been left alone for too long. You like to be held, and you love walking around and looking at things - especially in new places. You are still a very serious little fellow. You are capable of smiling (we've seen it!), but you are pretty darn stingy with them. You are such a content little guy that I don't think you are unhappy. I think you are just figuring out this big, strange world and learning how to take everything in. You seem pretty skeptical about most things, and it makes for some amazing faces.

You love eating your hands. You can't get enough of them. The pacifier doesn't interest you nearly as much these days now that you have found your hands. At first, you tried to fit your entire fist in your mouth, but now that you realize that's not possible, you've mostly settled on sucking your right thumb and pointer finger.

You like the black and white pictures in your book, but not as much the red and white ones. You love when mom or dad sing to you. Current favorites are Old McDonald and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.

You are still a great sleeper. You generally go to sleep between 10-11 and wake up around 5-6. After nursing, you go back to sleep until 9 am or so. You like being swaddled. We left your arms unswaddled one night to see if you wanted to have your fingers available for chewing and self-soothing. It was a total disaster. You woke mom up in the middle of night thrashing about in your bassinet. We love how you throw your arms up when we unswaddle you in the morning as if you are shouting FREEDOM!

You are still not a great napper during the day. You take cat naps here and there - usually in someone's arms or in your baby wrap, and occasionally in the rock 'n play. Your favorite place to sleep is in the car seat. We can take you just about anywhere and you'll snooze for 2-3+ hours in your car seat. You went on your first road trip to Lynchburg and pretty much slept the entire ride.

You love the sit up game and being pulled to standing. You can support all of your weight on your legs - mom and dad just help to keep you balanced. You rolled over once, but have yet to repeat the experience even though you get really close to doing it again during tummy time.

You mostly sleep through church services as long as mom is gently rocking your car seat. We'll have to change that eventually, but for now, we aren't complaining.

You love being in new places and looking at new things. You keep mom on the go all the time. I think you are tired of looking at the same old things at home. You want new adventures! You especially love all the activity in mommy and me pilates classes, and you were a big fan of baby song time at the library.

You are pooping less often, but spitting up more often. Both of these things make for bigger messes and better stories. Ask me sometime about your blowout during pilates.You still don't spit up often, but you are very drooly. Probably because you are always eating your hands.

New skills: grasping objects, smiling, rolling over (once), following people with your eyes, making all kinds of new sounds, you can sit up (with your back supported against an object) for quite a while

You love: chewing on your fingers, singing with daddy, taking naps on daddy (daddy usually falls asleep too leaving mom to supervise and make sure nobody gets hurt), being held or being in your baby wrap, looking around and exploring, riding in the car

You hate: being left alone, getting out of the bathtub, being hungry

Highlights of the month: meeting mommy's co-workers, applying for your first passport, attending your first Super Bowl party, first road trip to Lynchburg to visit your Aunt, Uncle and cousins (and your first time meeting cats - you swatted them away), first play date (mostly an excuse for the parents to get together and talk about their kiddos), stayed home with daddy for the first time (and lived to tell about it), first chiropractor appointment


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