Friday, December 11, 2015

bump watch: week 39


I'm happy to report that after a week of all kinds of crazy exercises - yes, I spent about 1 minute each day hanging upside down off my couch - Skippy has moved back to an optimal position. Whew. This baby has met his match. He may be stubborn, but what he doesn't realize is that he gets it from his mama. Now we get to do lots of walking and wall squats to encourage him to move on down while optimally positioned.

hanging out in L&D.
this is exactly how i'm going to look in labor. ha!
My 39-week appointment was just dandy...except for that little heart rate issue. My pulse was up and so was baby's so they sent us over to labor & delivery at the hospital for some monitoring. We knew everything was fine, and sure enough, it ended up being a big waste of time. Once they had us hooked up, everything looked perfect. But, of course, it took forever to get officially cleared and discharged. They don't mess around with pregnant mamas and babies. I can appreciate their caution, but it was annoying to be the one stuck there. The most interesting thing we learned is that I was having some contractions. I couldn't feel them, but the monitor don't lie. Maybe that means this baby will eventually come.

We also had a lot of entertainment thanks to the couple in the triage area next to us. She was very high-risk (43 years old, carrying twins, preeclampsia). She had been sent over because her blood pressure was high, but she was much more concerned about not having her babies that day and the conference call she needed to be on in a few minutes. She also ate a burger for lunch (after they took away her doritos), which somewhat enraged the doctor who thought they were headed toward a c-section that would now have to be delayed because she just ate a burger. They eventually sent them home to come back in two days, but good riddance. I already feel bad for those poor kids.
and this is how jon is going to look...
frantically trying to wrap up work obligations.

Jon's birthday was yesterday. I was hoping to give him a son as a present, but that obviously didn't happen. Skippy clearly doesn't want to share the limelight with anyone. I settled on the Star Wars digital library and an adorable Star Wars onesie from Skippy. I had an unexpected surge of energy, though, so I did bake a cake to celebrate. We went out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant in DC. It's insanely spicy so we were hoping it might have the added benefit of kick-starting labor, but no such luck.

Now we wait. Remember that list of things to do? Well, I already did everything on the list, which was probably a mistake because now I have no idea how I am supposed to keep myself occupied until this baby decides to make his appearance. Here's hoping it's not too much longer...


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